As we have new courses to be built, we did not have possibility to measure the exact lenghts of the holes. Söderkullan kartano is now measured with laser and results are following:

1. 89m 
2. 104m
3. 134m
4. 151m
5. 109m
6. 80m
7. 91m
8. 88m
9. 117m
10. 125m
11. 87m
12. 94m
13. 70m
14. 112m
15. 109m
16. 82m
17. 103m
18. 68m


Map looks like drawed, only with some missing OB:s (like Söderkullantie, which is a road and considered obvious OB). Players guide has some text to give you more details about the OB areas.

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