Banging the chains – picture taken by: Toni Määttänen

Round 1 has finished on every course and scores are uploaded to PDGA site. Weather was good the whole day and everything went smoothly, without any major problems. Hope to see that the same continues for the next to days!

In the lead after round 1
MPO Juho Parviainen
FPO Susanna Virtanen / Marika Salmi
MPM Ville Piippo
MPG Janne Sandholm
MPS Paul Kustala
MA1 Toni Lönnqvist / Mika Koskikallio / Albert Tamm
FA1 Kristina Frisell
MJ1 Niklas Anttila
FPM Susanna Lindqvist
MM1 Mika Koljonen
FM1 Mila Puumala
MA2 Jaani Taskinen
FA2 Heidi Helin-Harinen
MA3 Henry Söderling / Markus Leminen

See full scores and tee-times for POOL A:


Full scores and tee-times for POOL B AND C:

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