To make the tournament as good as possible, we need YOUR support! Together with our great sponsors, Westside Discs, Latitude 64 and Dynamic Discs; we are launching series of fundraising discs. These discs are your favourite Trilogy -moldswith awesome graphics made with DecoDye/DyeMax technique. All of the fundraiser disc graphics has been designed by Ari Väisänen. Ari is our voluntary AD from one of the organizing club Sipoon Discstroyers.

Get your Fundraiser discs from these vendors

Europe – webshop and Brick & Mortar in Kerava, Finland. Shipping worldwide.
Par3 disc golf shop – webshop and pick-up storage in Salo, Finland. 
Discimport – Webshop Denmark.
Discgolf-Shop – webshop Germany

Northern America – Dynamic Discs webshop. Shipping worldwide.




Tyyni (eng: Calm) got its name from the tournament (Nummela Autumnalstorm) that was going to played week after Tyyni. As a TD and a guy who loves puns, it hit me instantly; ”Calm before the storm”. Tyyni was played in Kivikko disc golf course in Helsinki and it is, ironically, a really windy place. Tyyni is now known for its tough conditions where you need to use your most stable and trustworthy discs, and we shall see will this saga continue.


”The Viking and The Wolf”


Two clubs are mainly organizing this event; Disc Golf Vikingsfrom Helsinki (Home Course Kivikko) and Sipoon Discstroyers from Sipoo (Home Course Joensuun Tila).


vikingslogo2015Vikings have the Nordic Spirit and they are invading the Finnish Disc Golf scene rapidly. Founded in 2014 and it is already one of the biggest clubs in Finland with the fastest growth of members and most likely the most events organized in Finland in 2015 and 2016, tells the story. Unlikely the original vikings, a Disc Golf Viking is a person you definitely want to invade your event and you most definitely want to participate any feasts or disc golf orgies Vikings are organizing.

Visit Disc Golf Vikings website over here:

sd_transparentSipoon Discstroyers, the small club from a bit smaller town next to Finlands capital Helsinki.  Wolves of Sipoo are known since 18th century, but the origin of the story is unknown. Some people say it comes from the swedish word ”varjägar” which means ”a viking”, and some are telling it comes from the word ”vargar” (which means wolf) and is the reason why a lots of sheeps were disappearing from nearby towns. When Sipoo got its coat of arms in 1950’s, wolf was an natural selection as an emblem.

As a club, Wolves are small but warmhearted and influential family of disc golfers. People you enjoy playing with and people you enjoy to organize events with.

Visit Sipoo Discstroyers website here:

The graphics itself doesnt need any explanation. Our artist has beautifully combined the familiar elements from organizing clubs to a mindblowing piece of art.

”Tournament Director”


Making hundreds of people happy and experience the Disc Golf Event of their life, pop ups a question; ”What kind of sorcery is this?”. TD with his minions, does the magic behind the scenes. There is no task too small or task too big, that staff wont not handle.